Wall Mount Pellet Stove

I know for the 2018 heating season the 48:40 wall mount pellet stove the wall mount is an outstanding source of heat for most small spaces. This direct vent stove is installed directly through a wall and can go almost anywhere in your home. It is a compact very clean burning pellet stove with a high efficiency performance that comfortably provides heat for up to 1,000 square feet consistent warmth. Easy installation and easy maintenance make the 4840 wall mount a compact practical heating solution perfect for small  paces. This 24,000 BTU stove provides a perfect heating performance, while saving you money and preserving the environment.

This stove has a sturdy double wall insulation that not only minimizes clearances that makes the stove only warm to the touch and safe in a home with small children. The unique heating system works by pulling cold air from around the outside pipe then through the bottom of the stove until it reaches the fire pot the igniter then burns the pellets and heats the air the air then goes through a system of chambers until it reaches the exhaust blower which pushes the smoke outside at the same time the room blower at the bottom of the stove pulls cold air from the room and circulates the air into the back of the stove this air is warmed by the chambers holding hot air radiating heat through it it is then recirculated back into the room through the top vent and warms your home.

All of this is accomplished in a stove that is only 36 inches wide 27 inches high and less than 13 inches deep. This stove is so easy to use simply fill the 28 pound hopper push the on button wait for the startup sequence to finish and adjust your heat range setting if needed. The stove 4840 does the rest for you the igniter will automatically start and can provide heat that lasts up to 35 hours without refueling.

The five heat range settings mean the stove can be comfortable in many different rooms depending on your needs.

The 48 40 comes in an all-in-one kit meaning everything you need comes with this stove including the mounting bracket stove, adapter, cap, wall thimble and twistlock  connection pipe. Whether you are heating a small space or adding additional heat to your home, the 4840 is a smart economical solution for you consistent warmth easy installation and easy maintenance make.

The 48:40 wall mount a compact practical heating solution for your home!