Pellet Stove Fuel

We are collecting all types of pellet stove fuel. Please contact with us if you have information about pellets we missing.

New plant for wood pellets production in Europe

Latgran, the largest Latvian wood pellets producer, inaugurated in Kraslava new plant to produce wood pellets.¬†In the establishment of production has been invested 14.6 million euros.¬†Creation of production began last fall, but in test mode the factory began to work in the summer of 2011. KrńĀslava plant will be the third production in Latvia granules [...]

Pellets for Pellet Stoves

What are wood pellets? Wood pellets - a standardized cylindrical pressed product of the dry, desolate wood, such as flour milling operation of cutting machine, sawdust, shavings, chips, sanding dust, the remnants of forest wood, etc. Wood pellets are made without chemical fixers under high pressure. Pellets for Pellet Stoves can also be made from other organic products: hay, straw, peat, and so on. In this article we will try to find wood pellets pros and cons. Hope it will help you to make right [...]

Industrial Pellets

Industrial¬†pellets¬†-¬†made ‚Äč‚Äčfrom¬†different¬†woods, using¬†bark¬†and¬†other impurities.¬†As a rule,have a¬†gray¬†or black.¬†Ash content of¬†the “Industrial”¬†pellet¬†is¬†more than¬†1.5%!

Standart Pellets

“Standard”¬†pellets¬†-¬†made from ¬†sawdust ¬†and ¬†scrap ¬†wood ¬†by ¬†crushing ¬†them ,¬†using ¬†pineand ¬†other ¬†tree species¬†(50/50), as well¬†as¬†small amounts¬†of substances¬†needed tostrengthen the ¬†granules.¬†Ash content¬†of pellets¬†“Standard”¬†does not¬†exceed 1,5%!

Premium Pellets

“Premium”¬†pellets¬†-¬†made¬†‚Äč‚Äčfrom¬†dry¬†pine¬†or¬†spruce¬†sawdust¬†without the¬†addition ofvarious¬†contaminants¬†(bark, etc.). Ash content¬†of pellets¬†“Premium”¬†does not¬†exceed 0,6%!