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New 2012 model of wood pellet firplace

This model is upgraded with electric ignition and digital thermostat controller. Mean features for this fireplace insert are LCD screen, remote upgrade and easy to clean. Best price: 1199$ and Free USA shipping New 2012 model of wood pellet firplace Detailes Size: 32″  x 24.5″ x 23″

Blaze King Fireplace Insert

Blaze King Industries offers 2 kinds of wood fireplace inserts. Both of those inserts have great design and quality, but still have few differences. What are those differences? Blaze King the Princess Fireplace Insert – PI1010A Best price: $2000 This fireplace insert have a huge firebox with thermo-reactive fire brick.  This feature will help to radiate […]

Economizer Pellet Stove Insert TPI35

The model TPI35 – Economizer Pellet Stove Insert is designed for performance, efficiency and to provide an economical heating source. We all know – pellets are one of the best heating ways in the world. This fireplace insert can work up to 30 hours without recharging. Best price: $1574 Economizer Pellet Stove Insert TPI35 Specification […]

Breckwell Blazer P24

Blazer pellet stove comes with 2 modifications: P24FS and P24I. Model P24I have injector and build-in 3g internet :). Breckwell Blazer p24FS model have Hot Rod automatic igniter, can work up to 70 hours without reload and bhave big ash drawer. Best price: $1744 Breckwell Blazer P24 Specification Specifications P24I P24FS Flue Outlet 3″ 3″ Shipping […]