New plant for wood pellets production in Europe

Latgran, the largest Latvian wood pellets producer, inaugurated in Kraslava new plant to produce wood pellets. In the establishment of production has been invested 14.6 million euros. Creation of production began last fall, but in test mode the factory began to work in the summer of 2011.

Krāslava plant will be the third production in Latvia granules Latgran. It can produce about 150 000 tons of pellets  per year.  Pellets produced Kraslava be exported to Scandinavia, the Netherlands and Belgium. “Markets do not change, only now able to supply products to a greater extent,” – said board member Latgran Martins Zvejnieks.

Last year Latgran produced 239 000 tons of pellets this year is planned to produce 275 000 tonnes, and in 2012 – 380 000 tons. In 2010, turnover amounted to 22.2 million Latgran lats profit – 5 mln EUR

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