Lopi Yankee Pellet Stove – High Capacity Heating

We can call the Yankee pellet stove as a true house pellet heater. The entire top opens for easy access to an enormous 80 pound hopper. The Yankee have powerful two-stage heat transfer system, 12 convection air tubes and powerful convection blower is able to heat up to 2,250 square feet  with quiet efficiency and exceptional comfort.

Best price: $2047

Lopi Yankee Pellet Stove Specification

Heating Capacity
800 to 2,250 Sq. Feet
Overall Efficiency
Glass Size
4″ L Vent
Maximum Burn Time
47 Hours
Hopper Capacity
80 Pounds
BTU Range
13,940 to 45,100 BTU’s / Hour
Burn Rate
1.7 to 5.5 Pounds Per Hour

Lopi Yankee Pellet Stove Dimensions

Weight: 255lbs

Size: 25″x23″x32″


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