Lopi Pioneer Pellet Stove

Lopi pioneer is beautiful pellet stove. This  is highly efficient yet compact and elegant. It have durable steel construction and detailed castings bring easy pellet heating into your flat or home. The Pioneer’s powerful two-stage heat transfer system and 8 convection air tubes will heat up to 1,600 square feet area. Lopi pellet stove is able to work up to 55 hours  on one load of pellets.

Best price: $1474

Lopi Pioneer Pellet Stove Specification

  • Heating Capacity 500 to 1,600 Sq. Feet
  • Overall Efficiency 75+%
  • Glass Size 167
  • Venting 3″ or 4″ L Vent
  • Maximum Burn Time 55 Hours
  • Hopper Capacity 55 Pounds
  • BTU Range 8,200 to 28,700 BTU’s / Hour
  • Burn Rate 1.0 to 3.5 Pounds Per Hour

Lopi Pioneer Pellet Stove Dimensions

Lopi Pioneer perfectly fits in any small room.



Lopi Pioneer Pellet Stove Video Review


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