Kostrzewa Pellets 100 – automatic pellets and solid fuel boiler

Kostrzewa Pellets 100 boiler with automatic fuel ignition Pellets® 100 have power  16 kW and 24 kW. This model points out a new direction in the boilers and burners for burning pellets production. Kostrzewa Pellets 100 is designed to burn pellets from sawdust and wood. The fuel in the form of granules is back filled in the tank with large capacity.Boiler can work from 7 to 30 days without recharging.

Best price: $2450

Kostrzewa Pellets 100 Features

Automatic options:

– The boiler temperature

– Modulation of the burner (2 stages)

– The timing and stop (the establishment of separate facilities)

– The automatic fueling

– Select the menu language


Completion of the boiler:

– Heat exchanger Pellets 100

– Burner Pellets 100

– The mechanism of fuel to the tank

– Fuel tank 250 kg or 450 kg (general)

– Automatic Pellets 100

Additional options Pellets ® 100:

– Module Pellets Mix (Weather control 2 x + g.b.v. central heating (domestic hot water) + sensors)

– Module Pellets Solar (independent control of two solar collectors are installed in various directions with respect to the sun).

-Module Pellets Bufor (akumulyatsionnym reservoir management).

Kostrzewa Pellets 100 official promotion video

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