Kostrzewa Pellet Stove – Pellets Lambda Control

Automatic wood pellet boilers Pellets ® Lambda Control define a new direction in the production of heating equipment on the market. Specially designed so as to occupy minimum space in the boiler room of the building.

Boilers Pellets ® Lambda Control power 14kW and 30kW are designed for burning three kinds of solid fuels:
pellets (pellets made of sawdust)

Boilers Pellets ® Lambda Control is available in two versions: with a tank on the right or left side.

They can be used for heating one or more houses. These devices are environmental and offer a cheaper source of heat from the gas and diesel in two, and from electric energy is three times cheaper.

After Sales Service of equipment is reduced to:

1. Replenishment of fuel, depending on the needs of heat from 3 to 21 days.
2. Cleaning of ash
– Using a fine coal and grain – every 1-2 weeks during the winter months, every 2 months during the summer.
– Using the pellets – a time in the winter, once every 3 months during the summer.
3. Cleaning the burners – Depending on your chimney and traction from 1 to 12 months.

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