How Wood Pellets Are Made

We are going to walk you through the process of how  wood pellets are made. We source all our wood materials from recycled wood streams, utilizing the waste generated from timber production and wood product. Manufacturing the biomass materials are stored at our manufacturing facility, and sorted into each grade of pellet. Our wood is sourced dry for minimizing moisture throughout the pellet manufacture process.

The biomass is loaded into a grinder to create wood fiber for the pellets. A magnet picks out any metal that got mixed into the wood. The wood fiber then enters the pellet mill, and is extruded a high pressure through narrow holes in the thick, metal die. This compression creates heat which softens lignin naturally occurring in the wood. The lignin acts as a natural glue to give the pellets their final shape. No additives are needed in the process.

The freshly compressed pellets are very hot from the friction of the shaping process, and travel to a cooling tank. A fan pulls air through the cooling tower filled with pellets to extract the heat from the manufacturing process. The cooling tank also removes any dust residue on the pellets.

The dust is recycled back into the raw material stream to be made into pellets in this primary removal stage. The wood pellets travel up another conveyor belt and into
two large storage bins. Pellets can then be loaded into a truck and delivered in
bulk or packaged into 40-pound bags and totes. The pellets that are packaged in 40-pound bags or tote bags are thoroughly screened to remove the fines and dust. This results in a very clean product for handling an automatic bagger controls.

The weight of the pellets that are bagged sealed and placed on a skid the bags of pellets are stored in our on-site facility in large inventory. Quantities to ensure there is always inventory available for our customers pellets are then delivered straight to your door. Using our tailgate or pneumatic delivery trucks our teamdelivers our wood pellets  ersonally to our customers.