After building stoves for over 30 years, Harman knows what his customers are looking for. The beauty of cast iron. The convenience of pellets. The Harman XXv has several safety features that automatically monitor changes in the stove’s temperature and draft. Harman XXv cannot overheat. This stove also has the power of 50,000 BtUs. And the Harman XXv pellet stove was designed for Harmans 25th Anniversary and is created with everything you expect in a Harman. the XXv will burn any grade of pellet at maximum efficiency and stillkeep your home at your desired temperature.

Best price: $2999

Harman XXV Pellet Stove Specification

  • Cast iron with oak leaf details
  • Quietest Harman pellet stove ever
  • 65-pound hopper capacity
  • Up to 45,000 Btu/Hour
  • tinted glass hopper lid
  • Rear vent with top vent option
  • large ash pan access through specially designed ash door
  • 176 sq. in. of glas
  • Heating Capacity up to 2,300 sq. ft


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