Harman Advance Pellet Stove Review

Harman Advance Stove is the ultimate in home heating convenience! If your room temperature drops below the set temperature, the advance will light itself to increase the temperature. This stove have best automatic set from Harman Stoves. The Advance uses a heat exchanger in the shape of an accordion to create a large amount of surface area to be placed in a small area. Harman Advance controls itself and maintains a constant temperature. The advance is stylish and easy to maintain.

Best price: 2999$

Harman Advance Pellet Stove Specification

Fuel:	Bio-Mass Pellets
BTU Range:	48,000
Heating Capacity:	1,500 square feet
Hopper Capacity:	60 lbs
Blower Size:	135 cfm
Outside Air Size:	2-3/8"
Fuse Rating:	5 amp
Weight:	250 lbs
Depth:	20-1/2"
Height:	32-1/2"
Width:	26-5/8"
Feed Rate:	.75 lbs per hour (minimum)
6 lbs per hour (maximum)
Floor to Center of Flue:	7.75 inches
Venting Size:	3 inches Pellet Vent Pipe
Rear:	1 inch
Side:	10 inches
Front:	36 inches


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