The main feature of Harman Accentra Pellet stove is remarkably precise temperature control system and stylish design. This stove can burn up to a ton fo pellets without cleaning. But stove cleaning is not so hard, it takes less then half an hour. Also you will probably enjoy Automatic Ignition, room sensor and really quiet operation.

Best price: $2344

Harman Accentra Specification

Fuel    Bio-Mass Pellets
BTU Range    0 to 40,000
Heating Capacity    1,400 square feet
Hopper Capacity    50 lbs
Blower Size    150 cfm
Outside Air Size    2.375 inches
Fuse Rating    5 amp
Weight    370 lbs
Depth    23.2 inches
Height    31.5 inches
Width    24.6 inches
Feed Rate    .75 lbs per hour (minimum)
4.75 lbs per hour (maximum)
Venting Size    3 Inch Pellet Vent Pipe
Testing    Safety testing by Omni Testing Laboratory
ASTM-E1509 ULC-C1482 Oregon-814-23-900
per 40CFR-60.530 sup. Part AAA
per EPA method 28A and 5G

Harman Accentra Clearances and Dimensions

Rear    2.25 inches
Side    12 inches
Front    6 inches

Harman Accentra 3d View



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