Grandeg Eco 25 Pellet Boiler (GD-Eco-25)

Main features of Grandeg Eco Pellet Boiler: You can serve the boiler at a convenient time for you. You can adjust the desired temperature of heating. You can buy pellets from any vendor at any time. Filled with granules of the bunker short of the boiler in the automatic mode for up to a week and sometimes more. Remember that the flow of granules for direct heat loss depends on the heated building. It should be understood that the boiler uses fuel to produce heat only going to compensate for heat loss building, as well as for hot water.

Best price: $4000

Grandeg Eco 25 Pellet Boiler Specification

 Heat generation capacity  kW   25
 Operating temperature  C°   80
 Efficiency factor of the heating system  %   80 – 90 (depending on how clean the boiler is)
 Operating pressure of the heating system  bar   1,5
 Diametr of connection pipes  Dn   25
 Size of the flue pipe for the boiler  ø mm   125
 Weight of the boiler (net)  kg   250
 Voltage of the electricity connection  В   220
 Average theoretical consumption of pellets per day  kg/m2/h 0.006 x m2 x 24h

In Pack:

  • Boiler Eco-25
  • Vertical burner GD-BRN-V-25
  • Bunker for pellets GD-BRN-V-BS

Grandeg Eco 25 Pellet Boiler Accessories (NOT INCLUDED IN STANDARD PACKAGE)

  • GD – EcoB – hopper for granule size S, M, L
  • GD – EcoRec – site recycling
  • GD – BRN – TCH – Touch Screen
  • GD – BRN – LMD Lambda sensor
  • GD – Eco3C – three-way valve
Grandeg Dealers Contacts:
tel.: +371 67185963
fax: +371 67185958
mobile: +371 26554265


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