Faci Big TW

Main purpose – private home heating system , heating system problem , heating cottages , hot water system .

Best price: $4300


  • Pellets with a diameter from 6mm to 14mm
  • Firewood
  • A mixture of pellets and any ground biomass (sawdust, shavings, straw, etc.)
  • Ability to transfer to gas
  • Heated area: 250 m2.


Specifications pellet boiler Smart TW and Big TW

Basic equipment:

– Operating the fuel tank 200 liters
– Screw feeder with motor fuel
– The system of charging the air with electric fan
– Digital control panel
– The switching function “wood-pellets”
– Tools for maintenance
– Grates
– Box for ash removal

Additional equipment:

– Operating the fuel tank 400 liters
– Programmable external temperature sensors
– Increased the length of the screw
– Increase in Bunker
Systems – fuel-to-order (fuel lines, gauges filling)
– Connect the indirect heating boiler for hot water


– Traditional wiring diagram
– Standard flue
– High heat
– Reliability
– Availability of service
– Ability to install a gas burner
– Front-cleaning heat exchanger
– The service life of 15-20 years
– Warranty 24 months

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