Differences between pellet stoves and wood stoves

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Category Wood stoves Pellet stoves
Type of flame The charm of living fire. Wonderful light.
Noise The crackling firewood. Gentle flowing sound when burning pellets, without sharp clicks.
Smell The aroma of wood. No smell.
Adding fuel Wood stoves filled in by hand, in this case, the fuel is taken from the outer container (baskets, etc.) and loaded into the furnace as a result of: trash on the floor. In pellet stoves is much easier to fill the tank, designed for a specific duration of combustion, and ignition by pressing a single button.
Fuel storage Firewood should be stored in a special dry. This room should keep firewood in ideal conditions, preventing them from moisture. To store the pellet fuel requires a minimum space, for example 650 kg of granules occupy about 1 cubic meter. Content Pellets should be stored in a dry, such as a basement, the room also can buy them at any time in a different rasfasofke (15 kg, 30 kg, etc.).
Buying a fuel Firewood you can buy from farmers, the calculation is in cubic meters, but you are responsible for transportation and warehousing. You can buy pellets in any Dealers center involved in the sale of fuel. You can buy small quantities, but for large a discount.
The principle of operation and maintenance Wood stoves work in hand, you will need to comply with all safety measures. Pellet stoves fueled automatically, can be operated even from your mobile phone.




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