Woodstove Handbook

What happens at home when the supply of gas, oil, or electricity suddenly slows down – or stops entirely? What happens when economic or other factors force a family to look for an alternate source of home heating?

The Woodstove Handbook shows you how wood, burned in a modern woodstove, offers an immediate, practical, low-cost method of full-time home heating for anyone. It shows you how to install and fire your stove for maximum efficiency, how to avoid smoking and smoldering, and how to lay a fire that will hold all night.

You will also learn about different types of firewood, its availability, how to grow it yourself, and how to cut, split, and store it. At your fingertips is a list of North American trees, complete with comments as to their burning, splitting, and storage characteristics as firewood.

If you’re a beginning or a veteran wood-burner, or are just in the thinking-about-it stage, you’ll get a lot out of the book’s discussion of the types of stoves and accessories available. Then, to help you find the stove that’s just right for you, the Woodstove Handbook also includes probably the most complete catalog of woodstoves anywhere – a heavily illustrated listing of over 200 wood-burning stoves and furnaces, complete with dimensions, operating characteristics, and prices for most, listed by category, brand name, and manufacturer, distributor, or dealer.

Come on and join the wood-burning boom – it’s a realistic, low-cost, enjoyable way of doing-for-yourself!