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Rika Rio pellet stove

Pellet stove Rio from Rika company have an elegant design and suitable for decorating any room or business office. Best price: $1547 Dimensions and weight: 1030 x 520 x 606 mm Dimensions HxWxD 132 kg weight 205 kgweight with natural stone 108 kg 100 mmd iameter chimney Power: 8.00 kW rated power 2.40 kW minimum […]

Rika Como pellet stove

Notice how the Como pellet stove perfectly  fits  into the interior of the premises, maybe it’s what you always wanted to create with your housing. Average price: $1700 Dimensions and weight: 990 x 520 x 559 mm Dimensions HxWxD 134 kg weight 88 kg 100 mm diameter chimney Power: 9.00 kW rated power 2.40 kW minimum […]