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Grandeg Bio Multifunctional Pellet Boiler

Modern technology does not always mean the abandonment of traditional values. Pellet heating is an efficient and comfortable heating solution, but sometimes more pleasure in itself provide firewood hatred. GRANDEG BIO boilers combines the best of both worlds, providing a high level of comfort and automation, but at the same time you can choice different fuel types. Grandeg […]

Grandeg Eco 25 Pellet Boiler (GD-Eco-25)

Main features of Grandeg Eco Pellet Boiler: You can serve the boiler at a convenient time for you. You can adjust the desired temperature of heating. You can buy pellets from any vendor at any time. Filled with granules of the bunker short of the boiler in the automatic mode for up to a week and sometimes more. Remember […]

Napoleon NPI45 Wood Pellet Stove Insert

Napoleon NPI45 Wood Pellet Stove Insert Painted Black is fully automated NPI45 pellet insert comes complete with a 120 CFM convection fan, convenient auto ignitor, air wash system, stylish black trivet and dual painted black accent rods. With Napoleon’s advanced pellet technology and efficient heat exchanger, the Napoleon NPI45 Wood Pellet Stove Insert has no problems living up to […]