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Pellet stoves are awesome!

More than 10 million people are heating with pellets in the world. That’s a lot of people, and each year that number grows. It’s because pellet heat is best for wallets, and also good for peace of mind! Check the infographic below if you still not sure which stove you want to place in your house! […]

Harman P68 Pellet Stove

Harman pellet stove P68 harnesses the world-class engineering of Harman to bring unmatched performance. Really smart controls and hassle-free operation make this ecology friendly powerhouse a leader in pellet-heating technology. Best price: $1407 Main features of Harman P68 68,000 BTUs — heats 1,500 to 3,900 square feet, based on climate and home efficiency 76 lb. hopper capacity […]

Harman XXV

After building stoves for over 30 years, Harman knows what his customers are looking for. The beauty of cast iron. The convenience of pellets. The Harman XXv has several safety features that automatically monitor changes in the stove’s temperature and draft. Harman XXv cannot overheat. This stove also has the power of 50,000 BtUs. And the Harman […]

Harman Accentra

The main feature of Harman Accentra Pellet stove is remarkably precise temperature control system and stylish design. This stove can burn up to a ton fo pellets without cleaning. But stove cleaning is not so hard, it takes less then half an hour. Also you will probably enjoy Automatic Ignition, room sensor and really quiet operation. […]

Harman Stove Parts: PC45 Ceramic Insert Plate 2-00-724104

The brand new Cermanic Insert Plate for Harman Stove PC45 is available on ebay. As we see its really cheap and everyone can afford it. Best price: $15 Harman Stove Parts Ceramic Insert Plate Specification Dimensions: n/a SKU: 2-00-724104  

Harman Advance Pellet Stove Review

Harman Advance Stove is the ultimate in home heating convenience! If your room temperature drops below the set temperature, the advance will light itself to increase the temperature. This stove have best automatic set from Harman Stoves. The Advance uses a heat exchanger in the shape of an accordion to create a large amount of surface […]

Harman P43 Pellet Stove

Harman Pellet Stove P43 is smartest pellet stove from Harman. This model’s output is managed by smart microprocessor. Also the stove have diagnostic port and you can connect external display to check working parameters. And sure Harman Pellet Stove P43 have automatic temerature control, patended feeder and burn pot, accordion heat exchanger and exlusive ignition system. […]

Harman Pellet Stove Ignitor

This ignitor can be used with  and others Harman pellet stoves. Official model number is 3-20-06783-13-1129 and this item have 6 months warranty time. Best price: 89$ Harman Pellet Stove Ignitor Specification Weight: 0.25lbs Vendor: Harman Part number: 3-20-06783-13-1129    

Harman Wood and Pellet Stove Exception TL200

The stove comes from vendor complete and ready to burn.  Best price: 600$ for refurbished stove. Harman Wood Stove TL200 contains:    glass gaskets damper  ceramic afterburner cast iron hood  brick cooking grill.  Harman Wood Stove TL200 Specification     Features:  the stainless steel cooking grill, variable speed blower, owners manual, gold door (option). Loading […]

Harman Pellet Stove Insert P35i

New pellet stove insert P35i technology delivers a compact design with all the work and the amenities you’ve come to expect. This pellet stove insert saves money by using Harman’s Pellet Pro Feeder and burn pot, proven technology, that burns high ash pellets at peak performance. Harman Pellet Stove Insert P35i is economically beneficial, as it […]