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Breckwell Blazer P24

Blazer pellet stove comes with 2 modifications: P24FS and P24I. Model P24I have injector and build-in 3g internet :). Breckwell Blazer p24FS model have Hot Rod automatic igniter, can work up to 70 hours without reload and bhave big ash drawer. Best price: $1744 Breckwell Blazer P24 Specification Specifications P24I P24FS Flue Outlet 3″ 3″ Shipping […]

Brekwell Big E P1000

Brekwell Big E pellet stove comes in two modifications – BigE Furnance and BigE Home Theater. The Big E brings you all of the reliability and craftsmanship of a Breckwell at a very affordable price. Best price: $2004 Brekwell Big E P1000 Main Features “Hot Rod” Automatic Firestarter Heats up to 2,200 Square Feet Digital One-Touch […]