Blaze King Fireplace Insert

Blaze King Industries offers 2 kinds of wood fireplace inserts. Both of those inserts have great design and quality, but still have few differences. What are those differences?

Blaze King the Princess Fireplace Insert – PI1010A

Best price: $2000

This fireplace insert have a huge firebox with thermo-reactive fire brick.  This feature will help to radiate heat directly into full room. Wide viewing glass door allows the fire to be visible from the all places in the room. Warning –  customers reported there could be problems with glass door cleaning. Also there could be problems with removing the ashes out of the firebox.

The Princess Fireplace Insert Main Features

  • Up to 87,850 Btu’s (see reverse side for details)
  • Incredible 82.5% Efficiency
  • Long Burn Times Up To 20 Hours
  • Optional Gold Plated Doors
  • 1400 Degree Ceramic Glass
  • Standard Variable Speed Fan
  • Limited-5 Year Warranty PLUS 6 years on Catalytic Combustor

Blaze King the Princess Fireplace Insert Specifications

  • Overall Width 25”/635mm
  • Overall Height 23”/584mm
  • Overall Depth 25.5”/648mm
  • Weight 325#/80kg
  • Flue Diameter 6”/152mm
  • Minimum Heat Output 6,200 Btu/hr
  • Average High Heat Output 40,000 Btu/hr
  • Emissions (Weighted Average EPA) 2.0 gr/hr
  • Wood Length 16”
  • Low Burn Time 20+ Hours
  • Width 25”/635mm
  • Height 23”/585mm
  • Depth 13”/330mm
  • Minimum Floor Protection 20” x 30”/ 508mm x 762mm
  • Minimum Protection Front 16” (USA) 18” (Canada)
  • Overall Shroud Dimensions 28/4” h x 43 1/4” w 730mm x 1100mm
  • Optional Oversize Shroud 32 1/2” h x 47” w825mm x 1193m
  • Average EPA Test Fuel (Low Burn) 10,633 Btu’s/hr
  • Average EPA Test Fuel (High Burn) 35,767 Btu’s/hr
  • Average Real World Btu’s (Low Burn) 6,200 Btu’s/hr
  • Average Real World Btu’s (High Burn) 40,000 Btu’s/h

 Blaze King the Briarwood II Fireplace Insert

This fireplace insert offers non catalytic burning, that helps for clean and nice looking burning . Blaze King produces both alcove and mobile home installations of Briarwood II Fireplace Insert.

Best price: $1747




 Blaze King the Briarwood II Fireplace Insert Specification

Width  28 3/4”/730mm
Height (top of flue collar) 31”/788mm
Depth  13 1/4”/336.55mm
Shipping Weight
Shroud Dimensions  43”/1092mm x 283/8”/721mm
Mobile Home Approved  No
Combustion Chamber Cu. Ft.  2.1
Flue Size  6”
BTU’s Per Hour  10,600-40,000
Minimum Floor Protection  N A
In Canada  *18” Front/8” Rear
In USA  *16” Front/8” Rear
Door Opening  22” x 11”/559mm x 279mm
Heating Capacity (average) 1,200+ sq. ft. 1,200+ sq. ft.
Wood Length  22”/559mm (left to right loading)
12”/305mm (front to rear loading)
Rear Wall Clearance Minimum
(See Stove Label For Clearances)
EPA Emissions  3.5 gr/hr.
Low Burn Time  6-8 hour


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