Art to talk

Are you sure there are such situations when the person you called to discuss an important project or find a solution to the problem, but instead of 20 minutes talking about nothing. Or, perhaps you repeat the same thing in several different ways, when all is agreed with your point of view?

The world is filled with people who deviate from the topic and begin to discuss insignificant things. They spend several hours each day on pointless things, and nothing ever manage. Of course, sometimes it is important to talk about anything in order to establish a relationship with a man. But how to find a balance? How to learn to communicate effectively with people and still leave time for pleasant moments in the dialogue? In this article, we’ll give you three tips that will help in this, and discuss them in real situations.

Rate disposition interlocutor

Each of us has a certain mood, a schedule or the amount of work. It is important to understand, because if you have a long time for unstructured conversations, it does not mean that your colleague or friend is also located in this. A person may have a deadline and he urgently needed to complete the important task – and the more you talk to him, the more he is irritated. In this case, you can not build a good relationship.

This seems obvious, but people rarely follow a simple rule – to ask whether there is time to talk to the interlocutor. If you ask and get a negative response, you can even get the location of the interlocutor that you respect and appreciate his time.

Discuss one issue at a time

We’ve all been witnesses of how man has tried to discuss the seven problems in three minutes, each of which requires careful attention. It resembles a tangle of different yarns that can not unravel.

People need time to think about a problem, weigh the options, review the information. Therefore lift up the same theme and have that no one deviate from it.

You also need to be wise enough for placement in the correct order. The most emotionally difficult topics can be placed at the very beginning or end – it all depends on you and each case is different.

Learn to listen and hear

Most interviewees actually say very little. They no longer listen, show empathy and trying to understand what the person concerned. Such people do not interrupt, extremely concentrated and before anything else to say, trying to grasp the essence of what is happening. They do not judge and do not make hasty conclusions. Sometimes it is ten seconds of active listening, to establish rapport.

The problem is that when a person is silent, he is in fact considering what to say next, and does not listen to the other party. Try this out there is a bad moment, because the other person realizes that his words were not taken into account, and the answer was thought out in advance.

The real situation

Consider four situations in which the ability to talk is essential.

Telephone calls

Before you make a call, select at least a minute and think about what you want to say. Then set up the key points of the conversation you want to discuss.
Realize what a phrase or a decision will mean that you have reached the goal of the conversation. Record it and focus on it.
Not to express their point of view more than once. Tell me what you wanted to say, and patiently wait for an answer.
If your interlocutor asked a question to which you do not know the answer, to be honest about it or ask for time to think.
Communication alone

Many people are often mistaken about the conversation tete-a-tete. They believe that one who spoke, and he won. Is it misleading and do not try to dominate, because you get only one result – teshite ego and spend time.
In the office love to spread rumors, so avoid this even if you are treated with understanding and desire to get to complain about the other person. Always and everywhere you need to understand what you need to say and then say it is not necessary, as well as to know what time it is best to do.
Group meetings

Inflated ego is set and group meetings. People defend their point of view, even in the case where there is a lot of logical flaws. So listen more – this will save you time, allow you to learn more and to avoid stress. Keep a record of all the important thoughts that come to mind in order not to get lost when the audience will need to know your opinion.
If you are the organizer of this meeting, then the best way to prevent the tightened speech of people who love to talk, be a time limit. For example, select three minutes per person. This, by the way, will enable you to understand how much will last about an event.
Each person in the group meeting wants to achieve certain goals. However, often the situation is getting out of control and people start to complain and focus on the problems instead of solving them.

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